Responsible Procurement

Human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection and the battle against corruption – these are values that we hold high within our Group and throughout our supply chain.

We at thyssenkrupp are committed to the United Nations Global Compact.


Principles of compliance with human rights and environmental due diligence requirements

In order to manufacture and provide our products and service solutions, we source raw materials, goods and services globally and expect our suppliers to meet the highest standards of sustainability, both at their own companies and within their local and global supply chains. In this context, we place a special focus on continuously improving working conditions, protecting human rights and the environment, as well as fair conduct and sustainable business practices within the supply chain. We have laid down the standards we demand of ourselves in terms of fairness, integrity and sustainability in the thyssenkrupp Code of Conduct.

We have tightly integrated responsible business practices into our procurement processes. Contract award decisions are made not only in accordance with legal, financial, technical, and procedural criteria, but also on the basis of social, environmental and ethical criteria. That is why sustainability plays an important role at thyssenkrupp in our collaboration with suppliers. The thyssenkrupp Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) addresses our expectations of suppliers and their subcontractors on the basis of legal requirements, comparable regulations in other countries, international agreements and principles and our own sustainability standards. The SCoC will be refined and updated by thyssenkrupp as soon as any new material sustainability requirements make this necessary.

Reporting of incidents

As an international group with over 200 years of history, thyssenkrupp bears a social responsibility. Our sustainable economic success is based on innovative strength, technological competence, quality and customer orientation. Strict compliance with applicable rules and laws forms the basis for our responsible actions. Compliance therefore takes top priority.

This means that we are committed to good working conditions worldwide, particularly in the areas of human rights and environmental protection, and that we expect certain principles and standards to be applied in our supply chains by suppliers and our business partners.

Serious information helps us to counteract violations at an early stage and to reduce reputational harm to our company, our employees and our business partners. Therefore, we take you and your concerns seriously! All thyssenkrupp employees, as well as customers, suppliers and other third parties, have the opportunity to submit reports.

We safeguard the interests of whistleblowers not only by setting up a secure whistleblower system, but also by promising to treat the reports we receive in confidence, and taking all measures necessary to protect well-intentioned whistleblowers against suffering any disadvantages due to making a report. They can also submit reports completely anonymously, if legally permissible. More information on the procedure for using the whistleblower system at thyssenkrupp can be found in the rules of procedure.

The persons entrusted with managing f the thyssenkrupp Group's whistleblower system offer a guarantee of impartiality; they are independent, not bound by instructions, and are sworn to secrecy.

Please note: The whistleblower system is not an emergency service! Please do not use the reporting channels of the whistleblower system to report an immediate threat of serious or fatal injury, impairment to health or damage to property, because the reporting channels are not designed for this purpose. If necessary, inform the relevant authorities, such as the fire department or police, or the responsible in-house security department.

Violations of the law and misconduct involving a company of the thyssenkrupp Group can be reported – anonymously if desired – via our whistleblower system.

For more information, visit the page for the whistleblower system.