Digital & Automation Portfolio


Provide tailor-fit solutions for your plant.

thyssenkrupp Polysius offers a range of automation solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your plants. Experience the future of plant operation by enhancing efficiency and productivity through automation.

Coming from the cement industry we have developed a software platform that can be easily adapted to other areas. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with the challenges in your industry.





  • polcid®

    The polcid® process control system combines comprehensive process engineering know-how and ultramodern hardware and basic software from the world‘s leading manufacturers of process control system components, creating an optimum system structure for our client industries.

  • Data Management System

    The Data Management System allows the local storage and evaluation of historic data. Customer specific dashboards can be used to evaluate the performance of the plant. Automatically generated reports give insights regarding the machine specific KPIs.

Digital Services

Utilize digital service technologies to solve specific consumer problems.

With our Digital Services we provide innovative solutions that solve our customers problems. By staying at the forefront of digital advancements, we offer the latest and most relevant technologies.


Digital Services

polysius® connect


  • Remote Service

    Our tools, which have been especially developed for industrial applications, enable us to provide professional remote service for the support and execution of engineering, commissioning and maintenance work. We can provide you with real-time on-site assistance for immediate troubleshooting needs, as well as for regular maintenance needs, depending on your requirements.

  • Remote Assist Automation

    Our virtual control room in Beckum enables us to support you with solutions regarding very specific problems in automation and electrical issues. Our specially qualified competence center for automation provides several different, efficient methods of technical assistance, such as remote diagnostics, active interventions in the automation system and support of your on-site maintenance technicians.

  • Remote Operating Support

    Our highly qualified experts have many years of experience in the fields of commissioning and support of operations on site. In order to save travel time, we can also conduct these services remotely. Through our virtual central control room in Beckum, we can provide you with operational support during commissioning of your plant or also in your day-to-day plant operation – depending on your needs. Our experts provide technical assistance by monitoring your plant’s operational and quality parameters, including analyses of failures and downtimes, enabling our experts to develop measures for improvement. We also support recommissioning and the determination of a new optimal operating point after modifications and more.

Drone Services


  • Drone Services

    Our drone service has to offer the following: Rone data collection, quarry - landscape - topography, plant inspection by drone and plant inspection with RGB and thermal camera.

PlantScan 3D


  • PlantScan 3D

    PlantScan 3D opens up completely new possibilities for you: existing buildings and process systems are recorded three-dimensionally by means of a laser scanner. This means that space coordinates accurate to the millimetre are available for new building work and conversions, allowing two-dimensional plans and three-dimensional models to be created. PlantScan 3D is also used for wear analysis of crushers and high-pressure grinding rolls. With this application, maintenance work can be planned better, and service lives can be optimised.



  • polscan®

    polscan® is a highly accurate optoelectronic measuring method that can measurerotary kilns quickly and precisely during operation. It allows us to reliably diagnose vertical and horizontal deviations of the rotary kiln axis, as well as the deformation, eccentricity and ovality of the kiln shell. Availability of the rotary kiln is therefore significantly higher, because damage is detected early.

Motion Magnification


  • Motion Magnification Software

    Identification of machine movements that cannot be seen by human eyes and that by means of ordinary video recordings such as mobile phone videos



  • PSPN

    Save time with your spare parts management, and find the appropriate spare parts for your plant in next to no time with our Professional Spare Parts Navigator (PSPN). With our electronic catalogue, we provide a tool that enables you to find the right parts to meet your needs. Apart from precise descriptions, the PSPN provides clear product-specific drawings. Particularly complex spare parts will even be shown as a 3-D animation.



  • SoundCam

    Camera that generates acoustic images



  • 3D-Printing

    For demonstration purposes, we can provide 3D models of machines and plant parts.

Digital Solutions

Collect machine and process data and use digital tools to provide benefits for the customer.

We understand the immense potential hidden within your machines and processes. By collecting and analyzing this data, we unlock opportunities for optimization, efficiency, and growth.


Digital Solutions

Real Time Optimization


  • Real Time Optimization

    Real Time Optimization is the state of the art solution to achieve the highest machine performance while reducing the necessary operater interactions.

    An optimization strategy is developed using AI-based models for physical properties of the individual machine. The models are continuiesly trained to adapt the strategy to changing on-site conditions automatically.

Data Visualization


  • Dashboard

    Dashboards allow the customer to get an overview of their plants performance from anywhere in the world. Long time data access enable the customer to determine changes in the operation.

  • Reporting

    Machine specific reports will be generated for the customer to get an overview of the most important KPIs as well as deep insights into changes of operating conditions.

    In case of unusal machine performance polysius specialists will give additional advice to rectify any underlaying problems.

Condition Monitoring


  • Gear Box Monitoring

    The Condition Monitoring System is an automated system developed to detect imminent malfunctions and damages on certain equipment by high frequency data monitoring and automatic data evaluation. It monitors the gears and the bearing of the gearbox with high frequencies. In case of possible failures, the system generates failure information automatically.

    In addition, process data are submitted and can be evaluated by our domain experts. This will lead to a better remote service support. Root cause analysis will be possible and recommendations can be given.

  • Radar Based Hot Cyclon Monitoring

    Based on the stringent government regulations for radioactive gamma-sources, radar-based level measurement emerged as a viable alternative. Radar technology allows an efficient and dependable congestion detection in preheater cyclones, enabling swift action upon detection. This early intervention prevents critical incidents and production losses, ensuring a smooth operational process.

  • Kiln tyre temperature monitoring

    During heating up the kiln, the kiln shell will heat up quicker than the kiln tyre. Therefore, a slow heating up procedure is mandatory.

    Different temperatures between kiln shell and kiln tire can lead to high tensions and maybe to cracks in shell and tyre.

    To avoid this phenome, the temperatures are monitored. In case of quick increase of temperature difference an alarm is created to enable the operator to react accordingly.

  • Kiln slip measurement

    The kiln tire slip measurement is used to monitor the difference between kiln and tire speed. It can bes used as an indication whether the frcition is sufficient or packing plates need to be changed.

Intelligent Product Planning


  • Intelligent Production Planning

    The IPP software combines production- and storage capacities with sales and energy cost. This gives you the possibility to find your optimal production schedule. Production- and storage capacities are taken as well as the maintenance status of the machine into account.



  • Advanced Mill Controller:

    The AMC is a system also analyzing data from various sources and automatically aid in the operation of the mill. The goal of the AMC is to increase the efficiency of the grinding process (increase throughput, decrease energy consumption, decrease water consumption, reduce vibration peaks, prevent shutdowns).

  • Slide Gate Controller:

    The Slide Gate Controller is used to stabilize the operation of the POLYCOM high pressure grinding mill. Operating data is used to automatically adjust the slide gates to maximize througput while skew and power draw are kept in safe operating conditions.


Fully automatic sample taking, analysation and feed compositon adjustment.

From sample collection to real-time adjustments, our seamless integration of automated systems guerantees accuracy and consistency in every step.





  • AQCNet

    polab® AQCnet represents our take on the next generation of laboratory control software. Everything is linked, everything is supervised. Over many years AQCnet has evolved from a tool controlling laboratory automation systems into a sophisticated toolbox for plant operation using quality control data.