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Our grey2green solutions

binder solutions

Explore our innovative binder solutions for upgrading your cement plant: polysius® activated clay is our solution based on calcined clay, a new Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) that can contribute to reduce the clinker factor significantly - down to 50% in ternary cement types. The polysius® booster mill is an additional stage grinding solution, particularly efficient for finer grinding.

fuel substitution

From high-waste pre-processing efforts using the polflame® burner, to zero pre-processing with the step combuster prepol® SC. Our solutions allow the incineration of fuels directly in the calciner or in a separate combustion chamber and meet regional and client-specific needs.

carbon neutrality

Today’s CO2 emissions from cement plants contribute to 7% of the global CO2 emissions. Implementing new processes like oxyfuel in your plant can take you a huge step further to achieve carbon neutrality in the long run.

NOx reduction

The NOx reduction solution improves air quality through the after-treatment of exhaust gas and various process optimization measures – enabling cement plants to meet strict requirements.


In the age of digitalization we connect each step of your cement production process and offer a variety of smart services to enhance transparency, approachability and your cement plant’s efficiency.


To make cement plants more self-reliant in meeting their power needs, we offer a customized one-stop solution with complete waste heat recovery (WHR).